Eurovent highly vapour-permeable membranes are characterized by extreme durability which results from their structure – three-layer laminate of polypropylene nonwovens with vapour-permeable and water-resistant functional film.

Top quality of polypropylene fibers stand out for their high mechanical properties at relatively low weights. It is a result of unusually dense distribution of extremely thin and long fibers. The laminate of such fibers with weight as low as 100 g/m2 reaches mechanical properties typical for membranes of weight exceeding 120 g/m2. Moreover, the highest quality of nonwovens and best functional films applied in production of Eurovent membranes raise their resistance to water-pressure parameters far above the accepted standards (resistance from 6 up to 8 meters of water column).


Application of microfibres that form a protection layer between the functional film and the nonwoven substantially upgrades the life-span of functional and strength of the membrane. Additionally, in case of accidental mechanical damage of the membrane this application forms an absorbing layer that is capable to store significant amounts of water (up to 300% of weight). The laminate produced in the thermobonding process guarantees long life-span of the multi-layer roof membrane and prevents it from delaminating.

Long-term experience in production of roof membranes has placed us among few market leaders that offer highly vapour-permeable laminates manufactured in thermobonding technology. Taking into account the extreme and dynamic conditions that prevail on the roof, the products installed should be based on the best materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures and ageing processes.

Confirmation of the highest quality of our products is the fact that – as one of the first in Europe - they have been marked CE sign to indicate that they comply with strict EN 13859-1 standard. It is the innovative production technology that ensures the top quality of the products providing reliable and safe solution for years to come. Facebook B2B Platform