Roof and its correct damp-proof insulation largely influence building functionality during the whole use period. Regardless of roof type and the kind of applied roofing, the more durable its separate components are, the more roof lifespan extends. Certainly it is possible provided that separate roof elements have been properly manufactured and assembled and that the whole building structure works in a proper way.

Roof which is watertight and properly realised grants functionality and usable values of the spaces that are beneath the roof. Moreover, it guarantees their comfort and durability what is a key factor of their quality. The issue of quality is a broad term, however regardless of its specificity, the indicator of quality is fulfilling and exceeding client’s expectations.

In this handbook we would like to introduce the issues concerning the proper preparation of sloping, insulated roof attic for use. The aim of this guide is to provide the clients with the knowledge about sloping roof and attic insulation, selection of suitable solutions ensuring proper insulation and functionality, proper assembly so that the quality of choice and realised investment is of highest level. Facebook B2B Platform