Sloping roof form is the most effective and at the same time the most simple roofing type that is known among people since they have started building the first dwelling structures (tents, dugouts, mud huts etc.). This form guarantees fast and effective carrying the water on the sloping roof sweep and consequently the water is carried with gravity outside roofed structure. This type of roof has gone through subsequent evolution stages connected with building technologies development and the materials used.

The materials used in roofing have changed more often than roof shape. Gable roof is still popular and is known since the first dwelling structures (stationary ones).

Roof covering

Throughout the last millenniums the most popular have been the roof coverings similar to present-day roof tiles – slates, shingles as well as tiles itself. But the tiles are not the only type of roofing throughout the millenniums. Straw, cane and steel plate covering have passed the exam in tough conditions. The most of these roof covering is used to this day. They have undergone evolution, in their production process improvements of technological development are being used. The efficiency of roofing is diverse, as well as their price and durability. In the recent past even if the roofing hadn’t been utterly water-proof, its durability was significant. Small quantities of water coming under the roofing didn’t influence occupants’ lives. Usually the living part of the house was situated beneath uninhabited part that was under the roof – place called attic. Even short-term rising dump in the attic wasn’t noticed in the lower usable house part. Moreover, the attic didn’t form tight lump isolated from atmospheric conditions – it was an airy, diffusive space (thanks to leaks and gaps in boarding). Such conditions had a beneficial influence on attic’s ventilation. Moisture was ventilated and carried outside the attic. Not long ago attic functioned as a place for storage of devices and house equipments that was periodically or even permanently moved to loft avoiding their removal. Facebook B2B Platform