Bitumen roofing tape for sealing and finishing works in flat and sloping roofs. Suitable for multiple applications and available in different colours. Bitumen-based and solvent-free product coated with a layer of aluminum.

High adhesive strength

Roofing tape for sealing and finishing works around chimneys, roof windows, firewalls, skylights, valleys as well as ventilating elements in both flat and sloping roofs. Effectively binds metal elements with other plastic-based surfaces, concrete and brick. Recommended for use around chimneys and other elements protruding above the surface of the roof.

FLEXBIT - Applicationzoom FLEXBIT - Applicationzoom
Material bitumen, aluminum
Size 100 mm; 150 mm; 300 mm x 10 rm
UV resistance resistant
Application temperature from 5°C to 35°C
Roll weight ca. 1,25 kg; ca. 2 kg; ca. 3,75 kg
Cardboard 3 rolls; 2 rolls; 1 roll
Pallet 96 cardboards Facebook B2B Platform