Eaves comb manufactured in injection molding process from high-quality polypropylene. Designed to ensure proper ventilation within the eaves area. Additional venting grate replaces the eaves batten and enables fast and easy installation of gutter hooks.

Proper ventilation
UV resistance
Protection against birds

Comb is designed for protecting the eaves against birds, rodents and large insects. Ensures proper ventilation and air circulation within the eaves area by preventing penetration of wind-driven leaves. Additional venting grate replaces the eaves batten enabling faster and easier installation of gutter hooks. Suitable for application with nearly all types of roof coverings.

COMB VENTI - Applicationzoom
Material polymer
Size 85 mm x 1 rm
UV resistance resistant
Cardboard weight ca. 8 kg
Cardboard 50 pcs.
Pallet 1000 pcs.

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