CANTILEVER the bracket for mounting the ridge batten for ventilated sloping roofs. Made of galvanized steel integrated with the screw and characterized by increased durability and resistance to cracking. The screw enables quick and precise installation as well as immediate change of the installation level.

Reliable supportFast,
easy and precise installation

Resistance to ageing

Bracket is used as mounting element for ridge battens in ventilated sloping roofs. It ensures proper positioning of the batten and enables fast and reliable installation of ridge tiles to the ridge batten. Product consists of a steel grip and nail. Different sizes of the bracket allow for use with a variety of battens.

CANTILEVER N - Applicationzoom CANTILEVER N - Applicationzoom
Material screw made of galvanized steel
Grip width 40 mm; 50 mm
Nail length 180 mm; 260 mm; 320 mm
UV resistance resistant
Bracket weight ca. 0,15 kg
Cardboard 100 pcs.
Pallet 4000 pcs. Facebook B2B Platform