Single-layer ventilating tape designed for ridge and hips. Made of profiled aluminum sheet, polypropylene fabric and butyl adhesive tape. The aluminum sheet and the fabric are glued and stitched together for increased durability of the product.

Effective ventilation
UV resistance
Fast and easy application

Tape is designed for use as sealing and ventilating element for roof ridges and hips. It protects the roof covering against penetration of snow, rain, moisture and dust while ensuring proper air circulation within roof covering. Different sizes ranging from 240 to 390 mm enable application with cement and clay tiles as well as metal roofing.

ROLL STANDARD - Applicationzoom ROLL STANDARD - Applicationzoom
Material technical fabric, aluminum sheet, butyl adhesive tape
Roll size 240 mm; 310 mm x 5 rm
150-400* mm x 5 rm
UV resistance resistant
Roll weight ca. 1,00 kg
Cardboard 4 rolls
Pallet 144 rolls Facebook B2B Platform