Roof exit made of impregnated pine wood. Product features a double 15 mm pane mounted on aluminum profile. Installed as part of the roof of roof access system to allow safe foot traffic and efficient maintenance works. Integrated flashing ensures fast and easy installation on flat and profiled roof coverings. Special hinges allow to tilt casement up and to the side. Suitable for application in non-insulated roofs ranging in slope from 15 to 60 degrees.

integrated flashing
tilt up and to the side
fast and easy installation

Roof exit for ventilated sloping roofs without insulation. Designed to enable periodic roof inspections, roof maintenance works as well as evacuation from the attic. Provides additional light and enables proper ventilation of the attic space. Special hinge allows to tilt and latch the casement in two positions as well as open it in two directions – up and to the side. Integrated flashing allows for installation with all types of roof coverings.

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Material pine wood, aluminum, glass
Size 45 x 55 cm; 45 x 73 cm
UV resistance resistant
Pallet 9 pcs. Facebook B2B Platform