Sealing tape with high Sd coefficient for internal use. The film is coated on both sides with special nonwoven fabric that provides optimal performance of the adhesive and makes plastering and final processing easier. Equipped with an adhesive strip which facilitates its application.

vapour insulating
UV resistant
flexibe and easy to install
prevents uncontrolled air flow

For the installation of windows and doors in a way that ensures their tightness for many years. Dedicated for the insulation of connections inside the building. Special adhesive strip ensures easy installation of the foil.

AKTIVBAND ECO - Applicationzoom
Material polypropylene, acrylic adhesive
Size 70, 100, 150 mm x 25 rm
UV resistance resistant
Application temperature above 5°C
Roll weight ca. 0,5 kg
Roll weight 1 roll
Pallet 484, 360, 240 rolls Facebook B2B Platform