Single-sided tape made of polyethylene foil, aluminum coating and acrylic dispersion adhesive. Designed for sealing and repairing aluminum foils, aluminum-based or aluminum-coated construction materials.

High adhesive strength
UV resistance

Tape is designed for sealing and repairing vapour-insulation and vapour-permeable foils based on aluminum as well as metalized plastics. Recommended also for repairing all kinds of damages such as holes, cuts and installation punctures.

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Material metalized polyethylene foil
Size 50 mm x 50 mb; 75 mm x 50 mb*
UV resistance resistant
Application temperature above 5°C
Roll weight ca. 0,15 kg; ca. 0,25 kg
Cardboard 24 rolls; 36 rolls
Pallet 1296 rolls; 864 rolls

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