Double-sided solvent-free tape based on butyl. Designed for joining and sealing vapour-insulation foils, roof membranes and foils, foundation foils as well as other plastic-based construction materials. An environmentally-friendly product. Adhesive surface is protected with plastic foil.

vapor insulating
UV resistant
flexible and easy to install
prevents uncontrolled air flow

It is used primarily as sealing tape under the battens ensuring sealed surface under battens application on the roofing membrane. In places where the nails and staples pierce the roofing membrane ensures its tightness. In addition, used for bonding and sealing vapor barrier and roofing foils, perfectly combines them with plastic, concrete, wood, brick or metal parts. It works perfectly well in skeletal construction for bonding and sealing wind-insulating membranes.

BUTYL PRO - Applicationzoom BUTYL PRO - Applicationzoom BUTYL PRO - Applicationzoom
Material butyl adhesive
Size 45 mm x 20 rm
UV resistance resistant
Application temperature above 5°C
Roll weight ca. 0,58 kg
Cardboard 8 rolls
Pallet 240 rolls Facebook B2B Platform