Double-sided solvent-free tape based on butyl. Designed for joining and sealing vapour-insulation foils, roof membranes and foils, foundation foils as well as other plastic-based construction materials. An environmentally-friendly product. Adhesive surface is protected with plastic foil.

High adhesive strength
UV resistance

Tape is designed for joining and sealing roof membranes and foils, construction foils as well as foils applied for foundation and vapour insulation. Effectively binds foil with plastics, concrete, brick or metal elements. Recommended for application in finishing works around chimneys and other elements protruding above the surface of the roof. When applied with foundation foils, tape ensures that the overlaps are tightly sealed and protected against the penetration of ground water.

BUTYL - Applicationzoom BUTYL - Applicationzoom
Material butyl adhesive
Size 15 mm x 25 mb
UV resistance resistant
Application temperature above 5°C
Roll weight ca. 0,58 kg
Cardboard 16 rolls
Pallet 480 rolls Facebook B2B Platform