One-Sided mounting tape made of waterproof paper and a special glue based on acrylic dispersion, solvent-free and chlorine-free. Can be used indoors for gluing and repair of the vapor barrier membranes and foils made of plastic as well as for sealing joints of wood-based panels, G-K and fiber-gypsum boards.

Excellent adhesive strenght
High resistance to moisture
Installation without cutting knife

It is used for connecting, sealing and repairing vapor barrier membranes and foils. Ideally combines foils, plastics, paper, concrete, wood, brick or metal parts to prevent the ingress of moisture. Suitable for sealing joints of wood-based materials, especially the OSB boards, G-K and fiber-gypsum. Reliably seals and prevents moisture on the panel gaps and all joints. Used in insulation of attics cellulose-based injected between the rafters.

HYDRAL - Applicationzoom HYDRAL - Applicationzoom
Material Reinforced yellow paper tape, acrylic dispersion based adhesive
Size 60 mm x 40 rm
UV resistance 2 months
Application temperature above 5°C
Cardboard 10 rolls
Pallet 600 rolls Facebook B2B Platform