Single-sided tape made of closed-cell polyethylene foam and coated with acrylic dispersion adhesive. Designed for use as sealing tape in roof and construction works. Elastic structure allows to align the counter-batten installed on the roof membrane.

UV resistance

Tape is designed for sealing and insulating in roof works as well as general construction. Recommended for sealing installation punctures in roof membranes and foils. When applied below the counter-batten, tape allows to align the uneven spots. Ensures effective protection of thermal insulation and rafters against penetration of water and moisture.

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Material polyethylene foam
Size 40 mm x 25 mb
UV resistance resistant
Application temperature above 5°C
Roll weight ca. 0,58 kg
Cardboard 15 rolls
Pallet 18 cardboards / 270 rolls Facebook B2B Platform