Single-sided tape made of polypropylene nonwoven, polyurethane coating and acrylic dispersion adhesive. Designed for sealing and repairing roof membranes and other polypropylene-based construction materials. Tape protects against the penetration of moisture and wind while retaining the vapour-permeability of the membrane with its breathing surface. Special stabilization additives ensure 12-month resistance to UV radiation.

High adhesive strength
Tear resistance
Acrylic dispersion

Tape is designed for sealing and repairing Eurovent® FASSADE housewrap as well as other polypropylene-based construction materials. Recommended for repairing all kinds of damages such as holes, cuts and installation punctures. Binds with surfaces such as wood, brick and smooth concrete.

TOPBAND FASSADE - Applicationzoom
Material coated polypropylene, acrylic adhesive
Size 50 mm x 25 mb
UV resistance resistant
Application temperature above 5°C
Roll weight ca. 0,75 kg
Cardboard 12 rolls
Pallet 720 rolls Facebook B2B Platform