Universal one-sided tape made of PE reinforced with polyester fiber and special glue based on acrylic dispersion. Widely used in construction, especially for bonding and repair foils and roofing membranes made of plastics and their bonding with wood and metal elements. Also used for bonding other building products based on plastics.

Excellent adhesive strenght
High resistance to moisture
Installation without cutting knife

Widely used in the construction industry as a tape for bonding, repair and sealing gaps of all kinds of tubes, sewage pipes and ventilation ducts passing through the foils and damp-proof and roofing membranes. Among other things, for bonding plastic products based on polypropylene, polyethylene, reinforced materials, insulating paper, wood, metal parts, sheets of plasterboard or stone. Ideally glues and seals the rounded surfaces or irregular shapes. It works well while repairing all kinds of damage such as holes, cuts, or interruption in assembly. For use on smooth and rough surfaces.

UNISAN - Applicationzoom UNISAN - Applicationzoom UNISAN - Applicationzoom
Material PE film, polyester fiber, acrylic dispersion adhesive
Size 60 mm x 25 rm
UV resistance 2 months
Application temperature above 5°C
Cardboard 10 rolls
Pallet 720 rolls

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