Complete snow protection system in sets ready for installation. Set includes Eurovent® SNOWSTOPPER grate, Eurovent® FIX adapters and Eurovent® CLIP connectors. All elements are manufactured from galvanized steel and are available in several colours according to RAL chart.

Ready for installation
Reliable snow protection
Fast and easy application

Snowstopper set is designed to provide a complete system of snow protection. Set includes all elements necessary for successful installation of the system. Several types of adapters enable installation on nearly all types of roof coverings available on the market. Handy cardboard enables fast and easy installation and allows to eliminate mistakes. Suitable for application on roof slopes ranging from 15 to 60 degrees.

Available sets:
UNI – for flat roof coverings such as bitumen shingles
BIBER – for beaver-tail roof tiles
DB-DC SHORT – for interlocking roof tiles, fixed to the counter-batten
DB-DC LONG – for large-size interlocking roof tiles, fixed to the additional batten
METAL 350 & METAL 400 – for 350 mm and 400 mm profiled metal roofing
METAL FLAT – for standing-seam metal roofing

Material galvanized steel
Length 1,2 m; 2,4 m; 3,6 m
UV resistance resistant
Package weight ca. 2,5 kg, 7,5 kg, 11 kg
Package 1 set

Modele kompletów SNOWSTOPPER SET


SNOWSTOPPER SET UNI – do pokryć dachowych płaskich gontów bitumicznych


SNOWSTOPPER SET DB-DC – do pokryć dachowych z dachówek
zakładkowych, mocowany do kontrłaty


SNOWSTOPPER SET DB-DC WEST - do pokryć dachowych z dachówek zakładkowych wielkoformatowych, mocowany do dodatkowej łaty


SNOWSTOPPER SET BIBER – do dachówki karpiówki

METAL 350/400

SNOWSTOPPER SET METAL 350/400/VENEZIA/FINNERA - do pokryć dachowych
metalowych profilowanych – blachodachówek o module 350/400/VENEZIA/FINNERA


SNOWSTOPPER SET METAL FLAT – do pokryć metalowych
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