Valley wedge made of polyurethane foam and coated with adhesive. Ensures fast and easy sealing of the roof valley and protects the roof covering against penetration of moisture, wind and rain. Flexible structure allows to adjust the element to the shape of roof covering.

Fast and easy installation
Neat finishing

Valley wedge is designed for use as sealing element in roof works – most commonly in the valley area. Protects against penetration of wind-driven snow, rain, moisture and dust. Flexibility and closed-cell structure ensure tight sealing while the layer of adhesive allows for fast and easy installation on the roof valley.

WEDGE - Applicationzoom
Material polyurethane foam
Size 60 mm x 30 mm x 1 mb
UV resistance resistant
Cardboard weight ca. 5 kg
Cardboard 200 pcs.
Pallet 2000 pcs. Facebook B2B Platform