Protective element made of polycarbonate support and flexible steel spikes. Designed to protect the roof covering, window sills, cornices and facades against birds nesting. Product is resistant to weather conditions.

Fast and easy application
Connectable units
UV resistance

Element is designed for application on roofs, facades, cornices, window sills and other areas of the building exposed to the activity of birds. Protects against roosting and nesting which may cause damage to roof and facades. Easily installed to all surfaces with the use of adhesives and multi-purpose glues. Individual units can be connected into longer rows.

ANTIBIRD - Applicationzoom
Material polycarbonate, galvanized steel
Size 60 x 335 x 110 mm; 110 x 335 x 110 mm
UV resistance resistant
Cardboard weight ca. 1 kg
Cardboard 15 pcs. Facebook B2B Platform