Flexible air duct made of high-quality plastic. Designed for use as connector between the roof vent and house ventilation system. Flexible structure allows to extend the duct to different lengths and adjust it to any angle.

Fast and easy installation
UV resistance
Effective ventillation

Air duct is applied in sloping roofs for connecting the roof vents with the attic. Ensures effective withdrawal of moisture from the attic and proper ventilation of attics, lofts, kitchens, bathrooms and sewage risers. Flexible structure allows to adjust the angle of the duct and install the pipe reduction.

FLEXOS - Applicationzoom
Material polymer
Diameter 110/70 mm; 150/150 mm
Length 60 cm / 105 cm
UV resistance resistant
Cardboard weight ca. 4 kg
Cardboard 10 pcs. / 6 pcs.

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