Ventilation chimney manufactured from high-quality plastic. Available with different base plates to allow for installation with the majority of cement and clay roof tiles. Insulation and high-gloss finishing available against order.

UV resistance
Fast and easy installation
Large diameter

Ventilation chimney is designed for installation with cement and clay roof tiles on roof slopes ranging from 5 to 45 degrees. Ensures effective withdrawal of moisture and humid air from attics, lofts, kitchens, bathrooms and sewage risers.

VENTOS PLUS - Applicationzoom
Material polymer
Diameter 110 mm; 150 mm
Set base plate + chimney + screws
UV resistance resistant
Cardboard weight ca. 2,5 kg
Cardboard 1 set
Pallet 36 sets

Base plates – roof tiles


ES – Euronit S


EX – Euronit Extra


C – Monier Braas Celtic


S - Monier Braas Baltic,
IBF Doppel S, Nelskamp


R - Monier Braas Roman, Prodach Roman,
Benders Mecklenburger


T - Braas Tegalit/Teviva

Chimney types

Ø 110 mm

VENTOS N25 Ø 110 mm

Ø 150 mm

VENTOS N25 Ø 150 mm

Ø 110 mm

VENTOS N25 WARM Ø 110 mm

Ø 150 mm

VENTOS N25 WARM Ø 150 mm Facebook B2B Platform