Single-layer separation mat. Made of polypropylene fibers formed into an 8-milimiter high multifilament. Product contains special stabilization additives which extend its resistance to UV radiation to 4 months and allow to perform assembly of final roof covering with considerable delay.

Condensate drainage
Fastand easy installation
Proper ventilation

Underlay is designed for use as separation mat for ventilated sloping roofs, insulated and non-insulated, as well as fully sarked. Strongly recommended for application with standing-seam metal roofing. Product is also suitable for use in ventilated and non-ventilated facades. Polypropylene multifilament acts as a separation layer and significantly improves durability of the roof by ensuring proper ventilation and condensate drainage.

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Mass ca. 300 g/m²
Thickness 8 mm
UV resistance 4 months
Roll size 1,4 m x 25 rm = 35 m²
Roll weight ca. 10,50 kg
Pallet 9 rolls Facebook B2B Platform