Active vapor control membrane. This is an alternative for products with variable Sd value. Made of polypropylene nonwoven and functional film which allows small quantities of vapor to move towards the attic or towards the inside of the building. The product is vapor active- it prevents vapor condensation (this feature is not available with regular vapor barriers). This membrane is available in SYSTEM SK2 with two self-adhesive tapes.

Vapour control
Tear resistance
Fast and easy installation
UV resistance

It can be used in residential and industrial buildings as vapor control layer to protect thermal insulation against penetration of water vapor. Unique properties of the product allow for active regulation of vapor transfer, which in turn prevents from fungus and mold problems, and also problems with wood construction damage. It is strongly recommended that the overlaps are tightly sealed with dedicated Eurovent tape.

CLIMA - Applicationzoom CLIMA - Applicationzoom
Mass ca. 85 g/m²
Vapour-permeability 2-3 g/m²/24h
Sd value ca. 10 m
Sd variable ca. 2-16 m
UV resistance up to 2 months
Water-tightness W1
Roll size 1,5 m x 50 rm = 75 m²
Roll weight ca. 6,37 kg
Pallet 50 rolls Facebook B2B Platform